Valentine's Day

Show your love this Valentine's Day with the perfect card from Clintons

Valentine's Day February 14th!


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Valentine’s Day Gifting Tips


At the moment, Cupid is currently working his magic to make sure we have great cards and gifts in stock, ready for February 14th. Before departing, however, he did tell us a few Valentine’s day gifting tips, with strict instructions to pass them on, so keep reading and spread the word.


1) With the best of intentions, we often end up buying things we know we’d like, rather than keeping the recipient in mind. Cupid says, if you’re really stuck, think of three things that remind you of your partner and buy a gift in-line with them.


2) It might not sound very romantic, but we’ve been assured by Saint Valentine that practical gifts can get the butterflies started too, plus they have the added benefit that your special someone will think of you each time they use their gift, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.


3) Cupid says personalised presents are always a winner. Think of all of the jokes and fun memories you share, and use these as inspiration for your gifts and cards.


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